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Order Terms & Conditions

Contact Information for Deliveries
Please be sure to provide one or more telephone numbers which, only if necessary, will make it possible for us to coordinate delivery times with your recipient—especially to residences. We sometimes need to determine when and if an adult will be available to accept delivery (co-workers, neighbors, doormen, apartment managers, hotel front desks, some security guards, etc. are usually acceptable). A telephone number allows us to assure on-time delivery.

Privacy & Payment Information
All information captured on this site is used for the sole purpose of communicating about order information. No information is sold to a third-party. Delivery information is sent to our select nation-wide retailers to fulfill order delivery. Your payment information is NOT shared with our network of retailers.

General Delivery
We arrange deliveries through our network of local retailers. This helps us ensure we can deliver quickly nationwide —in most cases by today.

Most orders are able to be promptly hand-delivered and gift-wrapped with your message, Monday through Friday and usually Saturdays.

Wine gifts by the bottle or case can now be sent to the homes or offices of your giftees in most cities/towns.

Holiday Season Delivery
We recommend planning for additional transit times by 2-4 days to ship across the United States during the holiday season, due to increased package volume and potential for weather delays.

Delivery Issues
On-time deliveries often depend on such factors as:

  • Is the recipient available by telephone?
  • Was the recipient there as arranged?
  • Is the delivery address as described?
  • Did weather or other uncontrollable issues impact delivery?

If any problem develops we will contact the Sender directly. If a delivery has been arranged and unsuccessfully attempted, the Sender will be charged for the original delivery attempt. If the order is then cancelled the Sender will be billed $35 (and perhaps more for an international order).

If it becomes necessary to deliver your gift to an alternate address, and if the cost of doing so is greater than was originally contemplated, we will always request the Sender’s permission before proceeding.

For health and safety reasons, no wine, champagne or spirits may be returned.

Cancelled orders which are currently in the delivery process and if they can be stopped, will be charged a $35 cancellation fee.

After 60 days, all wine orders will be considered as having been delivered (about 20% of recipients simply do not call their Senders to thank them).

Age Restrictions
Federal law requires that you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages. The recipient accepting the package must also be 21 years of age. 

When you order wine or spirits herein you are certifying under penalty of perjury that you and your gift recipient are each of legal age. It is a crime to intentionally misrepresent your age or that of the gift recipient and if you do so we will fully cooperate in any prosecution.